How it Works:

Save time and money by joining our FAST PASS unlimited wash club! All packages are month to month with no contract or commitment!

  1. Sign up online or at our location. No ID card or sticker is needed, simply register your license plate number and credit card
  2. When you pull up, our system automatically recognizes your vehicle and opens the gate
  3. Wash as often as you like, cancel anytime

Wash Every Day, Cancel Anytime

Easy on Your Wheels!

Our state-of-the-art conveyor belted conveyor wash system ensures an easy entrance and wash experience for all types of vehicles, many more than your standard car wash!  Say goodbye to vehicle trauma caused by roller jumps or damage to your wheels from traditional rail systems!

Our belted conveyor easily serves any size vehicle or tire width including dual-wheeled trucks and low-profile sports cars.

Nothing touches your wheels or tires – eliminating real, or perceived damage. Experience an extremely smooth ride with no lurching or bumping. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wash while your car is gently guided by our conveyor wash platform.